Leila’s Grandmother Helped with Her Family Tree Assignment

There are always people who are close to you, your mother, father, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles and of course your grandparents.  They love you, raise you and by some strong feelings, you can’t stop caring about them.  Especially when you get older you understand that there are no closer people than your family.

I remember that day very clearly when I was 14 years old.  At school we had a special assignment, to write our family tree.  That was a rather interesting task because our teacher told us to interview our grandparents and ask about our family, our ancestors.  That was actually what I did afterwards, I went to my grandmother.

I went to her house as usual without a call.  She was always at home after six.  And as usual she kissed me on the cheek and started asking about my health, studies, and grumble at me and my elder brother that we don’t come to visit her very often.  As we were talking again, I didn’t notice how I found myself in the kitchen, sitting at the table, ready to have some traditional grandmother’s dishes like ‘plov’ and ‘manty.’  That is quite peculiar how grandparents like to treat us with some tasty food.  Well, my grandmother is not an exception.

She also found my assignment very interesting, “Yes, you must know your great grandparents…”  She told me that we belong to “Tore” that is a much respected Kazakh tribe.  I was attentively listening to this significant information about my family as she was writing names on the paper:  Akhmetullah, Sartai, Uahli. It was surprising how my grandmother was telling me about it, with admiration and respect to those people who lived long ago and whose blood we inherited.

After all these years, I remember that day. A few months ago I looked through my things and found that list of paper, where my grandmother wrote the names of my great grandparents. Now, it is always with me.

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