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Aigul Y’s Grandmother Started A Kindergarten

I want to tell you about my grandmother on my father’s side. Her name is Kuldeinesh and she was born in 1918 and lived in Kaskelen settlement. The reason why I chose my grandma is that because I’m thinking that she was a great and wise woman especially for our family. When she came to our house, she was always talking about her childhood.

When she was 17 years old she met my grandfather and they got married. After two happy years which they lived together when they already had three children, the World War II started. My grandpa went to the war, and my grandma became a nurse in the hospital. She thought that exactly in such way she could contribute to our victory.

My grandfather was injured during the WWII battle and finally he  returned home. But unfortunately he lived only 10 year after that. Nevertheless they had another 3 children during this period. After his death my grandma became widow but she brought up all 6 children herself and she never lost her enthusiastic and hope that everything will be ok. Later when children were still too young, at the age of 2-12, she decided that it is better to change her job. She told us that in that time it was too difficult to bring up so many children alone. She was needed to sit with little children, but at the same time she was needed to earn money in order to feed her big family. She didn’t have money for some time, and she had to borrow from all her neighbors. Then she started to in kindergarten as the teacher. This work gave her chance to look after all her children who were with her all the day. She worked as the kindergartener even after all children grew up. I’m truly believe that she was great women, who didn’t been scared with all troubles and difficulties in her live. She spent all her live to up bringing her own and other’s children, which is I’m thinking is the truly Kazakh women’s burden.

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