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Raushan’s Cherishes Her Grandparents

Grandparents are, to a certain extent, the most important people in our society. They are the ones who indirectly ensure our existence on this planet. Times have changed but their roles in our families have not. They continue to be sources of support and encouragement when we are feeling low. Grandparents help to look after the children of the ever-busy working parents.

They also help to reinforce and instill good morals and family values in the young. My grandparents’ names are Kadira and Tokan. They are my father’s parents. My grandmother lost her husband when he was fifty four years old. Hence, I did not see him. But in spite of her lost, she brought up five children herself making them feel as if they had both parents. One of them died because of illness at the age of eighteen. Looking at her I can not help but think that she has experienced such a grief, which shows how strong she is.

She is a doctor. But she treats not only her patients but also everybody around her. Grandma brings only warmth and kindness everywhere she goes for which I love her so much. I try to visit her every weekend if I have free time. I like listening to her stories of her youth. I go there not only to listen to what she tells me but I just like spending time with her.

I hope very much that her life is long because I can not imagine how I will live without my lovely grandmother. I am very proud of being the granddaughter of such a woman.

Some people may think that grandparents may be just another bunch of old folks with nothing better to do than boss them around. However, this is completely untrue. Those who think like this have to change their mind because when they realize the importance of grandparents it will be too late. So cherish them as much as possible.

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