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Roza’s Kazakh Grandparents Bravely Survived WWII

My grandfather and grandmother both are not alive anymore, and I remember my grandmother only as I was three years old. Her name was Kazyna, and she was in her 80’s when together we read books and played in the garden; moreover, my grandma taught me the Kazakh language, so when I was a little girl, I spoke Kazakh fluently, wish it was now the same. I know that my grandma was a very brave, kindhearted and honest woman. She had to bear about seven children, however, only two of them are now alive.

Grandmother Kazyna had lived in the north of the Kazakhstan, namely in Kostanai. In Kostanai winters are freezing and windy with a high snow level. The nature in the north of Kazakhstan is beautiful; there are a lot of forests and lakes, which make the atmosphere of those places unforgettable. In the summer we would collect berries and in the autumn we collected mushrooms, in winter people usually tend to play snowballs and to ski. It is wonderfully amazing at any time of the year where my mom was raised up. Nowadays, maybe few women may say that they have such a big number of children, and that is a really prominent deed for any woman in the world, and especially for my grandmother, who had lived during hard times.

My grandparents had to live during World War II, which was a horrible time to live, and my Grandfather Turgan had participated in the War, and had injured his leg when he returned from the front. Since the war worsened my grandfather’s health, his life did not last as much as the grandmother’s. In my opinion, my grandparents had strong personalities, since to live and to bring up the children during such hard times had required a lot of strength and braveness. I truly believe that my grandparents’ life experience is unique and I respect them for what they did, and that they had brought up my mother who has a great personality and is a strong woman as her parents were.

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