Diana D’s Grandmother Believed in Music and Education

I think I have an amazing grandmother. She is my dad’s mother, and she always lived in our neighborhood, so we are very close with her. In her spare time she likes to tell us her stories, so I know a lot about her and my grandfather’s life. Her stories are always very interesting and I like to talk with her.  She is a strong woman, politically active, intelligent and a leader in her community.

About 50 years ago, when she was 23 years old she graduated from the state university, and worked as a teacher in a small school in a small town of Aktobe region, but she had great plans for her future. She was very ambitious, at first she founded a music band among small students and organized their concerts. At that time, most of the people were illiterate, and she wanted more people to be educated. For this purpose she wanted to open a new school in that town, so she went to Almaty to find people who could help her. Two years later finally a new school was opened, and till this day, the citizens of that town still remember her. After that, she met my grandfather and fell in love with him, but he was very modest, so my granny made a proposal of marriage to grandfather herself. They had 5 children, and now 11 grandchildren, last year we all celebrated their 50 years wedding anniversary.

Even though she had 5 small children, her social and political life was very rich, it was the Soviet Union time, and she received a Medal of Honor for her achievements in the social sphere. When she was 44 years old she became a Chief Magistrate of city called Kandyagash, and made a lot of good and useful things to citizens, opened new schools, hospitals, and organized concerts. Nowadays that city has a kindergarten named in honour of her.

I admire her, because I think she lived very balanced life, she had a happy family and she fulfilled herself in a successful career. She had a huge influence (in a good way) on all of us, she taught me the importance of helping others and of fighting injustice. She told me to be myself at any time. I hope when I’ll be at her age, I’ll be as respected as she is.

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