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Indira’s Grandfather was a career military man

Grandparents play a very important role in our lives.  Of course all of us have really different opinions about grandparents. For some they can help in difficult situations or give good advice and we cannot imagine life without them.  But maybe for someone else, grandparents are no more than just relatives.  I want to write about an important person in my life, I chose my grandfather because I am proud of him very much.

My grandfather’s name Kajgalii, he was born in 1922 year in Volgograd town. When he was about 19 years old, the Great Patriotic War started and as a volunteer he went to the war. At the beginning of war he was just a soldier and he was very brave and knew military structure very well. After three years he became a general. Fortunately, in 1945 the war ended and he came back home and got married. In 1955 was born his first son Puzl then three year later his next son, my father, and after him two daughters. In my hometown Uralsk, it is west part of Kazakhstan where my father was born. This is because my grandfather with his wife and first child moved to this city where my grandfather is a well-known and respective person.

About twenty years he was working in a military system in my hometown of Uralsk. My grandfather loved me very much he always taught me to be a good person, in difficult situations he gave me very good advice. Unfortunately, he died suddenly one June day, the weather was very hot and my grandfather did not like such weather because of his health problem with high blood pressure. He died when I was ten years old.  But I remember about him every time and everywhere I feel his love.

To conclude I want to mention that for me my grandparents play one of the important roles in my life and I am proud of them very much. I strongly believe that each of us has the same ideas as me when we think about grandparents.

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Ainura T’s Grandma’s Birthdate was Unknown

My name is Ainura and I have a very big family. I was brought up in countryside and we moved to town only recently. Because of that I have a lot of relatives. My mum’s and dad’s families were in close relationships with each other. My grandparents worked together, father’s mother was a teacher at a local school and taught almost all my uncles and aunts. But before moving into one village, the two families had different origins. I would like to introduce some people from my family, whose lives were quite different from others. So let’s start.

The family of my father was from the region which is called Torgay. It is in the south of Kostanay region. My great great great grandfather was a head of the village. Honestly the whole village was owned by him. It was in the 19th century. He had one wife, which was from very rich and influential klan, but they didn’t have any children. After her death he decided to marry again and chose the girl from the same klan from which was his first wife. At that time he was a 60-year old man. Then 17-year old new wife gave birth to their son. That was my great grandfather. After a few years my great great great grandfather died and his second wife was married with his brother but some said that his brother actually was his servant. Today it has not a lot of meanings.

After that they had a lot of children probably, 5 or 6 because one died until the age of 5. All that I heard was from my great grandmother who lived with us for several years. She was born in 1916, it is not justified because she didn’t know exactly even a date when she was born. She also couldn’t write and read. She lived a very long life and died in 2008 and she told us a lot of stories about her life. For example, during World War II women of her village including my granny built a dike alone or she told how they fished and then exchanged their catch of fish for food. Almost all kinds of food they made on their own. When she lived with us, she used to eat a lot and mostly butter. And honestly she never had any serious diseases.

Mother’s family has quite a different history. Her father was from an ordinary Kazakh family and her mother was from Russia but she is Kazakh. In her family were nine children and all of them were raised up by their mother alone, because her husband died when she was pregnant with the last child. All children, including my granny, have different stories. That family is the most international, there are Kazakhs, Russians, Jews, Ukrainians and others. All others live in Russia, excluding my granny.  She is in Kazakhstan and the youngest one lives in Kyrgyzstan. Mother’s grandfather was a soldier in 1941-1945. He participated in the battle for Kaliningrad and achieved Poland. He returned home and went to the parade in Moscow in 1973.

So that is my family. Actually all that is a history of my family and if I consider myself as a part of my family I can say that is a history of me.

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Igor’s Grandmother Helped Raise Her Younger Siblings

Grandparents are important and influential persons in all people’s lives. They are those people who take care of you and love you. They are special persons who can give you wise advice. As a child I was unbelievably close to one of my grandparents. Her name was Nadezhda and she was born in 1924 in Almaty. Her parents died early, so at the age of eighteen she started to work a lot to earn enough money for her three smaller sisters and two brothers. The only job that she could find for her first time was a ticket seller in the nearest theater.

It was hard times because World War Two drained all the human and food resources from USSR. Nevertheless, neighbors and just, good people helped my grandmother to raise her sisters and brothers. My grandmother wanted to get a better job, but she didn’t have any specialization. That is why she spent all her free time studying and then she was accepted in college. Later she graduated as an accountant. Time passed and life got easier, grandma succeeded in work and married only when all of her sisters and brothers finished their education and were able to care about themselves.

My grandma has always been a gentle and kind person. She taught me respect for others, and showed me with her experience that love and feelings are important things in my life and that I don’t have to pay attention to material things or what people look like externally. Even though grandma was old, she always had a strong desire to enjoy life. Every morning when it was very early, she liked to go to the supermarket. She said that going shopping early in the morning was better because she could find everything fresh such as vegetables and fruits. I think she was right about that. After my grandmother bought everything, she always liked to cook for the whole family. On the weekends she used to go to countryside where she had small house. I remember myself helping grandma to plant trees near that house.

Furthermore, my grandmother was always in tune to the new things in the world. For example, she always cared about fashion, economics or important issues in the world. Grandmother’s goal was to see our family full of happiness and to see us growing up healthy and happy because she wanted me and my family to have a successful future. My grandmother died three years ago, but only now I realize how special she was and how much love she had given to me.

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Assel A’s Great Grandfather Loved Orphan Children

I want to tell about my great-grandfather from my father’s side. His name was Karim and he lived in western Kazakhstan.  I heard about him when I was a child because my grandmother always told me stories about her father.  Before the Second World War he worked on a farm and he had three children including my grandmother. When the war had begun, he was one of the first who had gone off to war. In the war he had lost one foot and so he returned back home. When he went back home he analyzed that most of the adults had died in the war. Then he decided to collect all the children who had lost their parents.

Even though he was injured in the war, he raised and supported these children by hunting without one foot by riding on a camel. My grandmother tells me a lot of stories about how my great-grandfather hunted. Also they ate some rabbits and a couple of camels. My grandmother said that when she was a child they would eat camel’s meat and the camel’s hump tasted like gum. And all children liked the hump because they chewed it like gum.

My grandmother always said we lived not rich but we always loved and respected our parents. And my father said that he was very kind and funny man, he always smiled and he loved children especially his own grandsons and grand daughter. I think that may be they lived in poverty but they had a big together family.

He was a wonderful man. I do not remember all the stories about my great-grandfather, but I really know that he was a hero.

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Zhuldyz’s Grandparents Celebrated their Golden Anniversary

Family is one of the most valuable things in your life. Consequently, we can not live without our parents, brothers, and sisters. They always support, help, give some advice and also offer love to you.

I am going to write about my father’s parents, because they are still alive. My mother’s parents died so many years ago, I had never met them. My father’s parents live in a village, which is called Shalkar, located in the southwestern part of Kazakhstan. My grandfather was born in 1923. His name is Kuleken and he is 86 years old. He was a driver, but now he is a pensioner. He is very kind and smart and he knows a lot of interesting things. He is 18 years older than my grandma.

My grandmother’s name is Lidiya and she was born in 1941 in Shenbertal, a very small village. One interesting thing is that my grandmother never worked. She always was a housewife. The second interesting one is that my grandparents have 12 children. It is unusual for nowadays. They are 6 boys and 6 girls. My father is the third child in the family. They have about 40 grandchildren and 2 grand grandchildren. They have been living together for 50 years. According to the Kazakh traditions we call this period as the Golden Wedding. They celebrated this holiday on 15th August.

According to our Kazakh traditions parents have to live with the youngest son. Therefore, they live with my uncle. His name is Nurbol and he is 30 years old. He has his own family which consists of four people. My grandparents love their children and grandchildren.  When my grandfather was young, he drove a tractor in order to provide some families with food, because it was the hardest time for everyone during war time between 1941-1945.

I already mentioned that my grandma was a housewife, hence she taught us to cook, especially our national food “beshbarmak.” My grandmother always taught us to be kind and to respect elder people. She told us about our Kazakh values which are our culture, traditions and customs. I am so happy that I have the best grandparents in the world. I love them very much. I am proud of them too much.

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Azamat S.’s Grandma was “Like a Second Mother”

Unlike most Kazakh children, I was brought up by my own parents.  However, not only did my father and mother play an important role in my childhood, but also my grandmother took an active part in my life. I am going to write about my grandma from my mother side, because I love her very much. She is a very important person for me.  Unfortunately, I have never seen my grandparents from my father’s side.

My grandmother was born in Karagandy in 1938. She was the sole child in their family and as a result, her father brought up her like a boy. She really did her best in riding a horse and she always helped her parents in cattle-breeding. She was the ideal example of an accomplished person in my eyes. She was a kind and patient person. She got married at age 20 and soon my mother was born. All in all she had six children and she was a beloved mother and wife. Generally speaking, she had a simple but at the same time happy life.

When I was born she gave me the name “Azamat” and spent much time with me in order to help my mother. I used to go to her home every summer when our family left to another city. I really enjoyed visiting her. She was a clever person, she also taught me a lot of things and told me a lot of interesting stories. She was like a second mother to me. Unfortunately, she passed away. It was terrible news for our family.  Her death made me understand what my grandma really meant to me. It’s stupid that we don’t know the real value of someone until they are gone.

I believe that my grandma has greatly influenced me and I think even if she isn’t with us, I will never forget her warm embrace, her thoughtful look and she will always be in my heart.

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Aigerim M’s Grandpa Lived Positively in the Present

When I was born I had lost my grandparents from my mother’s side of the family. I have just heard some things about them, but it is not enough to explain. I know from my mother that they were very hardworking and kind persons. They did everything to provide for their big family materially. They had three daughters and five sons. There are from them about twenty one children. It was very surprising for everyone.

We come to the side of my father, when I was thirteen years old, I had lost my lovely grandpa. It really shocked me. Actually, at first I could not understand what had happened. Then, I realized that it was my granddad’s death. He was only 59 years old. He died because of his illness that was very painful and hard for him to live farther. He had a big family too. There were three boys and five girls. When he was alive, he was always giving me advice and caring about my education. For me he was an ideal person with perfect qualities. I am really proud of him.

He had a lot of positive human’s qualities. For instance, he was careful about everybody he knew, clever, decisive, self-confident, well-educated person at work, generous, kind with a bright, happy life. He could manage every problem, each situation and reach his aims by himself without parents’ help. He had done everything for relatives and friends as much as possible. He taught me to be patient and not to make mistakes in life. He was always telling me that we should forget the past, think about the future and live positively in the present.

The people should not forget their human qualities which were given us by God.  If something was done, we should not regret about it, because life is going on. The one thing is that we should try to live farther, although failures, disappointments, birthdays and deaths of close friends in our lives. I loved my granddad very much. I often remember him and his advices. I miss him but I know that I can not return to the past. He will always be on my mind.

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