Karlygash B’s Grandfather was a vet and agronomist

My essay is about my grandfather from my father’s side, his name is Kalym. Unfortunately, he is not alive but our family always remembers him. I want to write about Kalym, because he is only one of all grandparents that I saw alive. I always spent my holidays with my family in my grandparent’s house. It was very good time.

My grandfather really is the person who deserves to be called “hero”. We call him just “ata” which means “grandfather” in Kazakh language. Kalym ata was wise, persistent, and demanding person. He did not distinguish with particular tenderness but we loved him in this appearance. My grandfather was a father of six children where my father is the fourth child. His life passed in village where he was born and got married. Kalym ata spent a very interesting and sufficiently long life. He lived more than seventy years. He finished zoological university in Almaty and became a vet. Of course he was a good worker, but his vocation was to be an agronomist.

My grandfather had grown new sorts of tomatoes that were the best in his region. He had debut his labour in different cities of Kazakhstan. So, his work was evaluated well. My grandfather’s stubbornness and industriousness brought him to be director of his State farm for fourteen years. Also he was a chairman of Agricultural Soviet. After those three years he was a vice-chairman of their region. My grandfather’s best assistant and adviser was my grandmother Dilyara. Unfortunately, I didn’t see her alive. So, after his many years of work, Kalym ata became a pensioner and spent all his free time on his family and housekeeping.

I think that his biggest merit is that he has six children and that all of them got a good education and became successful in their lives. My grandfather brought up in his children cohesion and respect to each other. Now all six children and their families live in close relationships, we live like a big family. All this is my grandfather’s merit.

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