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Dias’ Great Grandfather was a “Public Enemy”

Kairbayev Mahmet he was born in 1922 in Pavlodarskaya oblast (district). His family was very big and he had 5 brothers and 4 sisters. It was a common Kazakh family that lived like many others families of that period. His father was local government official, he loved his job and he was a real professional in public administration area. His father had protected the interests of the local citizens and provided a lot of social services for them.

But unfortunately some people did not like him and they wrote unrealistic letters against his father and as a result, his father became a “public enemy.” After this event my grandfather and his whole family went to another city. My grandfather was the oldest child and he became like a father for his brothers and sisters. He worked at a local manufacture and he was the best worker. As I mentioned before his father was a “public enemy” and in this case nobody wanted to let him to study. He provided self study at home.

In 1941 the Nazi army intervened with the Soviet Union, it was a war. My grandfather went to the artillery academy in 1941 then graduated in 1943. In summer of 1943 he became a commander of artillery in Litva. The commander of the west front gave him the order to protect Shaolyai city. A tank division of the enemy which consisted of 30 tanks “tiggers” the modern and most dangerous tanks in German army attacked this city. My grandfather and his soldiers opened fire from all guns. The German tanks were completely destroyed and the city survived. My grandfather became Hero of the Soviet Union and got the Medal of Bravery.

After the war he worked in Pavlodar city, established a lot social programs and participated in city development. He was a human with strong character and he believed in friendship and helped many people. He still live in our hearts.

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