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Indira’s Grandfather was a career military man

Grandparents play a very important role in our lives.  Of course all of us have really different opinions about grandparents. For some they can help in difficult situations or give good advice and we cannot imagine life without them.  But maybe for someone else, grandparents are no more than just relatives.  I want to write about an important person in my life, I chose my grandfather because I am proud of him very much.

My grandfather’s name Kajgalii, he was born in 1922 year in Volgograd town. When he was about 19 years old, the Great Patriotic War started and as a volunteer he went to the war. At the beginning of war he was just a soldier and he was very brave and knew military structure very well. After three years he became a general. Fortunately, in 1945 the war ended and he came back home and got married. In 1955 was born his first son Puzl then three year later his next son, my father, and after him two daughters. In my hometown Uralsk, it is west part of Kazakhstan where my father was born. This is because my grandfather with his wife and first child moved to this city where my grandfather is a well-known and respective person.

About twenty years he was working in a military system in my hometown of Uralsk. My grandfather loved me very much he always taught me to be a good person, in difficult situations he gave me very good advice. Unfortunately, he died suddenly one June day, the weather was very hot and my grandfather did not like such weather because of his health problem with high blood pressure. He died when I was ten years old.  But I remember about him every time and everywhere I feel his love.

To conclude I want to mention that for me my grandparents play one of the important roles in my life and I am proud of them very much. I strongly believe that each of us has the same ideas as me when we think about grandparents.

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