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Azamat S.’s Grandma was “Like a Second Mother”

Unlike most Kazakh children, I was brought up by my own parents.  However, not only did my father and mother play an important role in my childhood, but also my grandmother took an active part in my life. I am going to write about my grandma from my mother side, because I love her very much. She is a very important person for me.  Unfortunately, I have never seen my grandparents from my father’s side.

My grandmother was born in Karagandy in 1938. She was the sole child in their family and as a result, her father brought up her like a boy. She really did her best in riding a horse and she always helped her parents in cattle-breeding. She was the ideal example of an accomplished person in my eyes. She was a kind and patient person. She got married at age 20 and soon my mother was born. All in all she had six children and she was a beloved mother and wife. Generally speaking, she had a simple but at the same time happy life.

When I was born she gave me the name “Azamat” and spent much time with me in order to help my mother. I used to go to her home every summer when our family left to another city. I really enjoyed visiting her. She was a clever person, she also taught me a lot of things and told me a lot of interesting stories. She was like a second mother to me. Unfortunately, she passed away. It was terrible news for our family.  Her death made me understand what my grandma really meant to me. It’s stupid that we don’t know the real value of someone until they are gone.

I believe that my grandma has greatly influenced me and I think even if she isn’t with us, I will never forget her warm embrace, her thoughtful look and she will always be in my heart.

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