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Aigerim M’s Grandpa Lived Positively in the Present

When I was born I had lost my grandparents from my mother’s side of the family. I have just heard some things about them, but it is not enough to explain. I know from my mother that they were very hardworking and kind persons. They did everything to provide for their big family materially. They had three daughters and five sons. There are from them about twenty one children. It was very surprising for everyone.

We come to the side of my father, when I was thirteen years old, I had lost my lovely grandpa. It really shocked me. Actually, at first I could not understand what had happened. Then, I realized that it was my granddad’s death. He was only 59 years old. He died because of his illness that was very painful and hard for him to live farther. He had a big family too. There were three boys and five girls. When he was alive, he was always giving me advice and caring about my education. For me he was an ideal person with perfect qualities. I am really proud of him.

He had a lot of positive human’s qualities. For instance, he was careful about everybody he knew, clever, decisive, self-confident, well-educated person at work, generous, kind with a bright, happy life. He could manage every problem, each situation and reach his aims by himself without parents’ help. He had done everything for relatives and friends as much as possible. He taught me to be patient and not to make mistakes in life. He was always telling me that we should forget the past, think about the future and live positively in the present.

The people should not forget their human qualities which were given us by God.  If something was done, we should not regret about it, because life is going on. The one thing is that we should try to live farther, although failures, disappointments, birthdays and deaths of close friends in our lives. I loved my granddad very much. I often remember him and his advices. I miss him but I know that I can not return to the past. He will always be on my mind.

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