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Assemzhan’s Grandfather Caught a Rare Fish – “Lesh”

My family is not so big, just my parents, my elder sister and me. My parents live far from their parents. In spite of it my family often visits them. Almost all my relatives including my grandfather and grandmother live in Russia. So I want to write about my lovely grandfather.

He is a father of my mother. His name is Katai and he was born in 1932. He is 77. He has three nice children: daughter (she is my mother) and two sons. His daughter and middle son live in Kazakhstan. My grandpa lives with his younger son in a village “Sludyanoe” (it is near to Orsk city). Also he has six grandchildren. He had a very good wife but unfortunately she died several years ago.

My grandfather is a very hardworking person. His speciality was an accountant and he worked with diligence from 18 to 60 years old. He was rewarded for work. Now he is a veteran of labour. Besides his work he likes fishing and hunting. I remember my mother told me a story about one interesting case connected with fishing.

One day my grandpa caught a very big fish in a small river. He astonished all people through the neighbourhood because it was a very valuable and rare sort of fish “lesh”. Also “lesh” is very cautious and catching it is a very difficult process. Its weight was approximately 5 kilograms and its length was big too. I saw this photo in the family album of grandpa. So, he was held in high respect among the surrounding area.

Taking all this into consideration, my grandfather is the pride of my family and relatives. He is a very good example for his children and grandchildren. As for me, I want to be like my granddad. I know that my future profession is finance and accounting. I love my grandfather for his pleasant character and kind heart. I wish him a very long, happy life and strong health!

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