Aigul T’s Grandpa Led a Simple Life

I am going to write about my grandfather from my mother’s side. There is nothing special about his life, but I have chosen him because I love him very much. He brought me up, with the help of my aunt, until my third birthday.  This was because my mother at that time was looking after her ill mother, my grandmother.

My grandfather was born in Boztal village, which is located in East Kazakhstan near my hometown- Semey in 1934 and now he is 75 year old. He did not participate in wars or do any heroic actions because he led a simple life: a lovely wife, many children, also many grandchildren, and a simple job. Now he is “molda” in a mosque.

Maybe for many people he is a typical old man, but he is very important for me. He is the most kind and patient person I have ever known. I have never heard him say rude words and he did not offend even a small insect. I used to visit him every summer and we would spend a lot of time together, for example going to the forest or steppe. He taught me many things and I used to do all guys’ work. Also he was telling me many interesting and very useful stories. Sometimes, when something is happening I just recall his words and follow them. But now, unfortunately, I managed to visit him just once a year because of my study.

Now he is seriously ill and I am worrying about him very much, because he takes such a big part in my heart. He had an operation, but surgeons said that it will prolong his life just for some years or even months. I am praying every night for him and even if something bad happens, I will not forget him and he will be with me everytime and everywhere.

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