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Karashash’s Grandparents’ Love Story Meant they Eloped

I was asked to write an essay about one of my grandparents. It was hard for me to find out about whom I want to write most, because I admire all of them, they are all great persons to me and I want to take after them. Then I decided to write about my grandfather – Yerkinbai. From the beginning of my life he was always looking after me, taking care of me and he is the person who gave me my lovely name – Karashash. Actually he is like a father for me.

I do not know a lot about my grandfather’s life and that is not right, but I know from what circumstances he came from and what he achieved and that makes me feel proud of him. So we do not know exactly how old grandfather is and where he is from, because he was an orphan. I do not know what happened to his mother but his father went to Great Patriotic War and did not come back. In order to find money and a place to live, he worked as a shepherd. He was a little guy without family and without a happy childhood. The years passed and he was already 27 year old when he met my granny. That is a very touching love story, because she was only 15 when she saw my grandfather and fell in love with him from first sight.

Unfortunately, the parents of granny did not give permission for them to marry so they decided to run away. They escaped to another village. They settled down there and this place became a home for them. They built a house with a big help from the villagers and brought up their five children there. Although my grandfather did not have a good education himself he sent their children in Almaty to have a higher education. So with his help they now have a very good condition of life.

As for me, he had a very good impact on me and my character. I always keep in my mind that he gave all of his love, wisdom, care, warmness and shared with his life experience. Thanks to him I became strong, mature and an independent person. He is like a hero to me who got through a lot of problems and difficulties during his life but could “stand on his feet” and became strong, powerful, having a willpower and full of kindness inside at the same time. Due to these reasons I made up my mind to choose my grandfather Yerkinbai to write about for this essay.

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