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Valeriya’s Great Grandmother is a “long-liver”

My great grandmother’s name is Sivuza Fatima and she is 92 years old, born in 1917. She is a long-liver in our city of Almaty in a simple working family. My great grandmother had five sisters, and three brothers. She is the youngest in the family. Her three sisters went to China, and stayed there. Then my great grandmother got married. Her husband, my great grandfather, was a teacher. My great grandmother worked in a sewing factory.

When the Great Patriotic War began, my great grandfather went to the Front. He died in 1944 in Smolensk city. His name is located in ‘Memory book’, which was printed in Almaty, according to the 45 year anniversary victory over the fascists.

My great grandmother also contributed to victory. During the whole war, she was working in the rearguard. She was sewing warm clothes for the soldiers.  She has even the “Order of the Veteran Labor.”  Even though my great grandfather didn’t come back, my great grandmother remained faithful all her life. She didn’t get married again and brought up two children. She worked very hard, even after she had retired. Her son died but her daughter now is my grandmother, who is looking after her.

For her entire life, she never went to see doctors. She has very good health, except her eyesight, because she was sewing a lot in the war years. The Government of Kazakhstan never forgets her. Every time, on 9th of May, they brought her presents.

Before she was 90, she could do everything by herself. Now, as the last 2 years, she can’t walk. It is very hard for her. We always invite her, but she don’t recognize us anymore. It is so sad.  I am very proud of her. I try to learn fortitude, courage and wisdom from her because she has lived nearly a century!

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