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Daniyar’s Grandfather “Saved” by a Cannibal

I am going to narrate you shortly some interesting facts about my grandfather from father’s side. His name is Ospanov Alisher. It’s my view that he had a very difficult life, especially during childhood. He was born in 1926. During the period of Great Starvation, agriculture collectivization he was about 6-7 years old. These times his parents left their native town and went to live better with relatives who lived in Tashkent. On their way my grandfather missed their train. Regretfully, now we don’t have any details why it happened. But it happened and Alisher had to survive somehow.

From that moment, the destiny made him live in a children’s home and on the streets. Once he was caught trying to steal a piece of bread in the market. The crowd wanted to beat him up but one man interceded for my grandfather and offered to let him stay with him. Later Alisher by accident saw the bodies of dead children in the garden of that man. My grandfather ran away from him. Most likely that man was a cannibal.

Alisher decided there might be a chance to meet parents at the market. So, every day he asked for food at the market and he finally met his grandmother. Once Alisher matured, he helped all his nephews to get a high education. He was first who went to Almaty city and helped others to move here. A lot of people are still grateful to him for their present circumstance. Also he made my grandmother, his wife to get a higher education. Alisher used to say that education is the road to a cloudless future.

Also my grandfather made a huge work making «Shejere» – our family tree. He has been collecting data for his whole life and finally made an impressive list of our ancestors. I am sure it is good idea in Kazakh world to name your father and grandfather presenting your self between relatives. Of course I am proud of my grandfather. How can I not to be, when I always see people who still remember and truly respect Alisher when I pronounce his name, despite the fact he died 13 years ago.

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