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Tolegen’s Great Grandfather Tried to Rescue Both Sons

People do not often pay much attention to their grandparents’ life, but it is considered as very important knowledge to understand them and even yourself. Furthermore their life is completely different than it is now which was true of my grandfather. Kenzhin Asi was born in 1922 in the village Kowek, that is in Eastern Kazakhstan, in the former Soviet Union. His mother died, so he had only his father who was working out on the field from dawn to sundown and a little brother. In the 1930s of the 20th century in the USSR was having a famine that heavily affected Kazakhstan and its people.

So the Soviet government issued a law, according to which every child had to be taken to an orphanage, this law did not avoid my grandfather and his brother. Things became more terrible when the orphanage started to change its location.  However, my great grandfather did not agree with this law.   So one night he stole his elder son and on the next night he planned to rescue the other one, but unfortunately the next day was the day of moving and his little son gone forever.

Then after some years, my grandfather finished school and started serving in the army, from this point new chapter of his life began. He participated in the Soviet – Finnish war and then in 1941 in Second World War. On 20th of April in 1945 he was heavily shot in the battles near the Balaton Lake and braved the victory in the hospital of Budapest. He was honored by Order Red Star and Medal of Honor. Finally he came back home to Kazakhstan in 1947.

After some years, he married my grandmother. The whole family consisted of eight people; they had six children, five sons and one daughter, my mother. Meanwhile he decided to continue education to get a higher one. In 1960 he graduated from Law School and started working in the law-enforcement agencies. He liked his work and was not retired until he got to age 70, combining his job with looking after children.

In 1995 my grandfather died in love and peace.

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