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Youngsu’s Korean Grandparents Believed in Daughter’s Education

My parents always talk to me that they want a person who is like grandparents of my father’s side. I heard so much about this story, so I feel very familiar with my grandparents even if I have never seen them. My grandparents passed away before I was born, but I respect and love them.

My grandparents on my father’s side were very open-minded with different points of view with others. In Korea, over 70 years ago, most Koreans thought that women do not need to study, read a book and write any letters. Most parents only offered education to their sons. Daughters could not get any education. My Grandparents did not think like other parents at that time. They helped my aunts to have an education. At the time when my parents were young, there were a few schools for girls, my grandparents brought my aunts to the school. My aunts could take a high quality education.

My grandparents also were famous for being diligent persons. They did farming on very big farm in their home town. They got up early in the morning, worked hard during day time and took care of their children in the evening. They offered some food for the poor and treated them kindly. When there were some matters in the town, they would try to solve the problems. People who lived in the town liked them very much.

I did not meet and talk to my grandparents on my father’s side because they passed away. Whenever I go to my father’s home town, people who remember my grandparents tell me that my grandparents were nice persons, and miss them a lot. When I heard my grandparent’s story from my parents and other people who knew them, I am proud of them. If they were alive, I would hug them and say I love you.

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