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Ruslan’s Grandmother was his idol of a mother

At first, I want to say that, unfortunately, I don’t know at least seven ancestors of mine, as Kazakhs have to. But actually, I’m not a native Kazakh, I’m half-Tatar and half-Korean, so I guess the history of my family and the history of how my family appeared in Kazakhstan, in Almaty actually is very interesting.


In my essay, I decided to write about my grandmother, mother of my mum. Unfortunately, she is not with us now. She has gone to a better world. She and her six brothers and sisters were born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Then in late 1940s or 1950s they moved to Almaty. So since that time almost all of them are living here. She was working in “Almatyglavsnab” in the Soviet times as a head accountant for a long time (I guess that‘s why I‘m good at math). 

But when the USSR collapsed, she lost her job. But at this time I was born, and she gave all her forces to my upbringing. She was like my second mother. I shared all my secrets with her. I spent all my childhood with her, because my mother and father were at their work. She had only one child, my mother. My mom says that she has a sister, but no one knows where she is now, because my granny and grandfather divorced (my mom was only 1 or 2 years old) she had gone away with him. I don’t even know her name. I wish one time I would meet her.

In conclusion, I want to explain why I decided to choose my granny. She was a very close friend of mine, she is one of the most important parts of my whole life. Also she was a very good woman herself, I consider her as an idol of a mother or a grandmother. I think that I could write my essay much more longer, but I don’t have words, only emotions. When I was writing this essay I remembered all the moments I had spent with her. Now I really miss my granny.

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