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Marina’s Grandmother and Lingering Regret

I would like to tell about my Grandmother, because she was really a great person. She died this year, but she is alive in my heart and hearts of her other relatives. She was born in 1932 in Russia. So her childhood and youth was difficult and hard because of the War in 1941-1945. She was the eldest sister and she had two brothers and two sisters. So she needed to care for them from the earliest childhood. And she did that. She helped her parents to bring up her brothers and sisters and to provide them with the necessary food and clothing. During the war my Granny had been working as a nurse. So she saw a lot of terrible injures, but also she helped a lot of injured people to survive.

After the War she met my grandfather and they got married. He was a military officer, so they traveled a lot. My uncle was born in Germany, and my mother was born in Lithuania. In 1960-1970s they left for Kazakhstan, Almaty. Granny told me that it had been very difficult to live in Almaty in that period of time, because Almaty had been only a little city after War and it had been very difficult to get food, clothes and other necessary things. My Granny had graduated university and became a teacher of Russian language and literature. So she always tried to help people.

I loved my Granny very much. I could say that me, my elder brother and cousins grew up with my grandparents, about whom I’m telling now. They brought up us, played with us, took us in the kindergarten and school, because our parents were very busy at their work. So I think that my Granny did everything that she could for us. And I hope that she would be proud of us.

About three years ago, my grandmother got sick. We thought that she was going to get better, but medical treatment didn’t help her. I lost someone who was literally one of the most important people in my life, and it happened in an instant. Now I really regret about my behavior in her last years. She always kept asking me to come to meet her. But I always had meetings, exams, classes… Now I really regret about it. But I think that she loved me and forgave me for my mistake. I really loved her.

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