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Madiyar’s Grandfather was an orphan

I want to introduce my grandfather his name is Oraz! He was born in 1912. From early age I spent a lot of time with him, he was my favorite grandfather. Today most of the youngsters begin to forget about their grandparents and they think spending time with them is a waste of time. However, I think that grandparents are people who can give you a lot of necessary things such as different, wise counsel, they can also tell you about traditions and history. Besides, I want to prove that spending time with grand parents is not a waste of time especially in terms of my grandfather.

My grandfather was an orphan. His life was very difficult because he outlived two world wars and the famine in 1923. He was intelligent, he liked to read books, newspapers and watch TV. He always was au courant and knew what was happening in the world. He had a very difficult and dangerous job in police work in 1935. He was the major of five regions. Nevertheless, despite that he had a difficult job he always could find time for their grandchildren.

My grandfather was a very caring person. I was never bored with him, because he knew how to interest me. Sometimes he told me stories which happened with him in past, sometimes he had joked. He participated in the Great Patriotic War (GPW) in 1945. I was very interested in what happened in 1945 because I knew that those days were the most horrible days in the world.  Also, my grandfather had known a lot of answers for my question connected with GPW.

To sum up, I want to say that all people shouldn’t forget about their grandparents because if they didn’t exist, we wouldn’t exist! Although, they are very old and sometimes make a stupid action, we should understand them because they love us.

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