Turar’s Grandfather Loved His Wife to the Very End

My grandfather was born in Kazakhstan in 1937. His Family was not rich, and as every child he went to a village school. When the time came he entered the Moscow technical university. It was really hard to study there for him because he didn’t know the Russian language. But he was brilliant in math. At university corrected teachers on the lessons. My grandpa was also good in chess, he had a master’s level. By the way, he was a perfect wrestler. He never smoked and never drank any alcohol.

One day he met Saliya…my grandmother. He absolutely fell in love with her and did everything he could  to make her happy: flowers, romantic evenings, dinners and so on. Very soon they got married. In 1963 the first daughter was born, then two more daughters, and it’s interesting that they got their first child only after six years of marriage, and the difference between all children is also six years.

I want to add that my aunts and my mom look like 25 years old, not more, even though they are much older. It’s unbelievable but it’s a fact. There are still lots of teenagers that want to meet them, because those guys really can’t tell how old are they.

My grandpa got all that he wanted in his life. He was an owner one of the Kazakh technical universities. He got a few apartments and a few cars. Everything he earned by himself. In addition, he had never been mean and always and any time was ready to come and help. But at the age of seventy, he got ill very hard. There were problems with his heart and he was dying. At the end of his life he told my grandmother next:  ‘If I could have chance for one more life…I’d like to spend it with you again till the end of time’.  I still remember these words and I’m very proud of him.

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