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Nazgul’s Grandmother Spoke like a “Magic Lady” from Fairytales

I’d like to tell you about my grandmother – my grandfather’s wife. As a matter of fact, she did not possess any outstanding traits to commit some extraordinary deeds.  Indeed, she was a modest and shy woman, representing a typical Asian mentality with mixture of humble behavior. The main reason I decided to write about her is my gentle memory of her: when I recollect her, I smile and feel pleasant.

She was generously kind in all and to everybody, that’s why her image to me is a crystal-clear white cloud in a blue sky. She adored her grandchildren and filled with love every word and touch. In the past, grandparents raised up grandchildren while their parents were busy at work. My grandmother raised all her grandchildren to be honest, brave and hard-working. I still remember the time I spent in the village with my grandparents during my summer vacation. It was the time among nature and wilderness. My grandmother repeatedly protected nature and taught us be thankful for the nature’s wealth to save and keep it to next generation.

Frankly speaking, people were more responsible for nature at that time, since they were not spoiled by the civilization as now. My grandmother had strong health and if someone felt ill, she could cure the person, using herbal medicine, which she prepared herself. At the same time, she was able to cope with all the household work and share some moments, narrating a story while preparing a tasty dinner. Her patience still enamors respect and gratitude among her children, who constantly listened to her wise advices, full of life expertise and knowledge, though she was illiterate. She spoke smooth and quiet, like an old magic lady from fairytales, so I admired her stories very much.

She was diligent. It’s noteworthy saying, at that period most of the people were industrious, and my grandparents were a bright example of an agricultural family. They had plenty of domestic animals at their yard and an endless kitchen-garden with sweet fruits and vegetables. My grandfather was the first man, who provided irrigation through aryks to the village, which he personally dig. Full of milky products and meat, my grandparent’s table always welcomed tired guests and random visitors and my grandmother’s home-made bread was most popular among them. My grandmother illustrated interconnection between productive work and successful results, she made us respect and cherish work. She was proud of her grandchildren, because we managed to be successful at home and school and later at the University and business.

We love our parents from childhood naturally, but our grandparents, especially if they live far away, gain our love temporally, step by step. I may proudly say that I have been loving my grandparents since my birth and even earlier, because I‘d been feeling them through their cordial emotions, warmth. My grandmother is an exceptional woman with plain nature of her mind and soul. She taught me one of the ancient masters humanity ever had- boundless love and eternal respect to parents, nature and work.

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