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Aigerim’s Grandmother had a Positive Attitude

      My grandmother was a wonderful woman. Her name is Tatybaeva Pernekul. She was born in 1937 and played big role in my life. My grandmother was as highly educated as a good wife and had six kids. She was a strong person who taught me everything I know. She was a mother of six, always had a positive attitude, and my best friend. I feel that my grandmother was a sweet and fair lady. She was very friendly, and tried to get along with everyone. My grandmother fed the hungry, donated clothes, help people find jobs, and take care of kids. The whole city loved my grandmother dearly. She was born in Shymkent town in Arys village. She did not have many possessions, but she would give her all and never complain.

      She taught me values, how to care and love others. Basically, she showed me how to become a young girl. I wish she was here today, so that I could thank her for everything she has done for me. I am truly blessed to have had her be apart of my life. I remember, when we use to have a dinner, big play days, and just enjoying  my grandmother company and she enjoyed my.

      After finishing school Pernekul went to Shymkent. She graduated with a degree in teaching and began working at factory for ten years. Through my childhood, my grandmother meant togetherness, care and comfort, and a sense of belonging for all who knew her hospitality. As I have grown, I have become more aware of how strong my grandmother truly was. It was never a burden for her to put others before herself; in fact, I think she held a personal expectation to be the caretaker for everyone in the family.

      The death of my grandmother three years ago has created a spirit of encouragement, willpower, and a desire for success that has guided me through my life. She will continue to live on through every accomplishment of my own because she has been the one to inspire me in all I have done.

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