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Abylai’s Grandfather said “Easiest way is not the best way”

My grandparents passed away a long time ago, so I don’t really remember them. My mom always used to tell me what kind of people they were. Mom told me that I was a favorite grandson. So I always have one question on my mind: what kind of a person was my granddad?

According to the story of my relatives my grandpapa was a unique person. He had a hard life; he passed a long way through Kazakh revolution, two wars and Great Starvation of 1932-1933. Despite that he never gave up and was successful. He always had a dream to become a successful lawyer. But he never thought he could reach his goal. As I remember the story his parents passed away during the Great Starvation right after he was born. My granddads brothers were little kids and passed away because the lack of food. He was a newborn child and some guys found him almost dead and decided to take him with them and my granddad grew up with them. When he turned 18 he went to Shymkent to find a job and continue living. He entered a law school. He worked and studied at the same time to survive. Couple years later he met his future wife and they got married after a while. Then they become wealthy year by year. They lived happily and had beautiful kids. One of the kids was my father.

Even though I have barely remember my grandparents face, I love them and still remember my granddads motto which he said to my father “Easiest way is not the best way, so don’t be afraid of difficult problems and always find a right way to get through”. My granddad told my dad this motto, and my father told me the same, so I just live by that rule and hopefully will continue their success.

Merry Christmas to all my Western readers who are of a Christian orientation!!! Happy New Year to everyone else!!!

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