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Aigul’s Grandmother and Leadership

My grandmother is 74 years old and named Maria. She is kind, wise, broad-minded and positive. She’s sensible and never does anything silly. My mom died, when I was 4 years old. The person who was close to me who support me and by whom I was brought up is my grandmother. During her life she had went through so negative experiences and difficult situations, that not every man can be strong and stubborn like she. I’m grateful for her for everything. She brought up her 8 children alone. She tried to do her best, in order to give them everything they needed. Nowadays all of them are educative and successful persons.

According to her words there were times when they had nothing to eat, when they had no place to sleep, by hearing all these I understood how much strength she has. In spite of times which she had, she always cheerful and full of power. She trys to see the bright side of things, to seek to find the positive in every negative situation, she motivate me with her actions. That’s why I enrapture by her. One of her leadership traits that I admire is her bravery. She likes the challenges that life presents. That’s why she is a leader to me.

As for me, I remember one case where I was a leader, it was when I studied at school. In my class was one boy, who was a little bit strange, he always was in his own world. My classmates liked ot make fun of him. I felt a compassion towards him. Day by day he became withdrawn. I had to do something for him, help him, because I was a monitor and it was not the main reason for my decision, I couldn’t stand that kind of behavior anymore. I just said to them, “We should respect every human being that is in our classroom. No one is more important in this world than anyone else. Instead of laughing at him we can help him. We have the power to change each others life. At this time you need to be compassionate.”

When I said this, I was in tears and I saw this boy’s eyes that looked at me, they were full of gratitude. After this day my classmates attitudes to him changed at all. I felt I had a positive influence on them. I motivated them to appreciate and respect each other. You are a leader when others follow you because they want to, not because they have to.

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