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More Photos from “The Grinch” (Part II)

I planned to show photos from our Language Center work party last night but I’ll do that tomorrow.  Instead, I have other photos to share with little anecdotes.  I’m very much in the Christmas shopping mood, I just bought 10,000 tenge ($66) worth of warm clothes at the second hand stores by the Green Bazaar. (Three turtleneck sweaters and a suit jacket) Also, I bought a festive, green Kazakh vest off the sidewalk from one of the vendors.  I’ve already bought gifts for family members back home.  I’m anticipating having parties with some of my work colleagues and maybe some students who live in Almaty.  I have gifts to give them under my little tree from Poland that I bought at the Green Bazaar two Christmases ago.

In keeping with the Grinch theme where he stole all the gifts and the tree and tried to steal away the Who village joy, I am showing not only MY Christmas tree but also a resident dog that belongs to our building.  At first I was scared of him (“once bitten, twice shy” applies with me) and he of me. But now we have become friends and I would miss him if anything should happen to him.  Usually he sits outside of the second floor door but sometimes he sits on my floor.  I haven’t fed him too much but we seem to have an understanding.  I don’t know his name but I call him “Happy.”  He is not much to look at but seems to have a very sweet spirit.  The dog in the play “The Grinch” was just as adorable, see yesterday’s posting.

Finally, below is a photo of my friend Kim AFTER the play in her Who get up.  She was a bridesmaid in my wedding 17 Christmas Eves ago and I was a bridesmaid in her wedding in 1990.  Somehow we both ended up here in Almaty, loving the Kazakh people and their culture.  There may be some of my detractors who claim at my place of employment that I don’t like the Kazakh people and that I hate the country saying that it is a garbage dump, but they are wrong!!!

At my office I have noticed something very interesting happen after I was “fired” or in other words, not re-hired.  The Kazakh teachers who are in my office are giving me small presents on the side.  Not making a big show of it because they don’t have the English skills to convey their caring for me.  They know the truth, they know that I have stayed in this great country of Kazakhstan over two years because I have GREAT hope for their nation.  Next week may be difficult to say goodbye to those who have made my stay at this university very meaningful.  One office is planning a special tea party for me.  Thank you ladies!  Now, here is Kim in her outfit, you can’t help but smile along with her.  Sure glad she didn’t wear this as a bridesmaid in my 1994 Christmas Eve wedding. She would have been banished from the group!

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