KELT presents “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

I’m in the Christmas mood after last weekend when I enjoyed watching my “Who” friends and others in the Grinch play put on by KELT.  KELT stands for “Kazakhstan English Language Theater” and has a long and proud history of very good quality plays presented in English.  This theater was started by American Nathan Fleming years ago, it has been continued by Jessica Lewis, as their director.  Next spring they will put on the ambitious, musical production of “Grease.”  Anatoliy Ogay did a superb job acting as the Grinch, better than Hollywood’s version done by Jim Carey.  Also Selbi Durdiyeva played the obedient dog Max, she did an excellent job of being the kicked around mutt.  An American mother related how her little 3 year old girl started crying in the audience because she was so sensitive as to how badly Max was treated by the Grinch.  That’s believably good acting. Lots of laughs with a good moral in the end, thanks to Dr. Seuss. Thanks KELT!!!

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    […] In keeping with the Grinch theme where he stole all the gifts and the tree and tried to steal away the Who village joy, I am showing not only MY Christmas tree but also a resident dog that belongs to our building.  At first I was scared of him (“once bitten, twice shy” applies with me) and he of me. But now we have become friends and I would miss him if anything should happen to him.  Usually he sits outside of the second floor door but sometimes he sits on my floor.  I haven’t fed him too much but we seem to have an understanding.  I don’t know his name but I call him “Happy.”  He is not much to look at but seems to have a very sweet spirit.  The dog in the play “The Grinch” was just as adorable, see yesterday’s posting. […]

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