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Titles of My Students Final Papers

Well, enough of the positive feedback, right?  It has helped buoy me up to know that my work as a teacher has been appreciated by my Kazakh and Kazakhstani students at least (and a few of my teaching colleagues).

The following titles show the work my students did for me this past semester in the five different classes I taught.  Their interests were wide and varied, the ones that surprised me were about plastic surgery, I had a paper about that in each class. 

Other papers from my “digital natives” which thrilled me were about Internet and its impact on education.  Also, these Kazakh and Kazakhstani students are tuned in to what is happening during the financial crisis on a global and local level. I expected all of them to use the electronic databases from our university library to find material for their academic papers.  I did NOT allow anything from the Internet except for when they needed graphics for their final powerpoint presentation.  I believe my Kazakh and Kazakhstani students have learned the difference between peer-reviewed, scholarly articles and things written anonymously off the Internet.  That’s hopefully a breakthrough on all levels!!!

Titles of Final Problem/Solution papers 40% of final grade

EWR 1211 Sec. 3

 1) Assuring Effectiveness of Internal Audit and Control

2) Countries Resilience to Crisis:  Building Strong Financial Systems

3) Dramas on TV: Influence on “real life”

4) Fostering Charismatic Leaders

5) Higher Education in Kazakhstan and the Bologna Process

6) Influence of Technology on Academic Achievement

7) Innovate Clusters in Kazakhstan: Pros and Cons

8. Job Opportunities in Kazakhstan during Economic Recession

9) Kazakh Banks and Trusts

10) Kazakhstan in the Current International Relations Under Conditions of a Mixed Economy

11) Kazakhstani Management: Problems, National Specification and World Experience

12) Plastic Surgery: An Idealistic standard of beauty

13) Pollution and Nature for Everyone

14) Possible Ways to Reform Healthcare System in Kazakhstan

15) Small Business Lending

16) Soviet Kazakhstan after WWII and up to end of USSR

17) Tourism Development in ‘unknown’ Kazakhstan based on the experiences of developed countries

 EWR 1211 Sec. 10

 1) Body Language Across Cultures

2) Children and TV: A harmless pastime or a danger to the society

3) Class Size Reduction in Primary School

4) Humans against Nature: Climate change

5) Corruption in Kazakhstan

6) Women in business

7) Education for Non-Traditional Students

8. Gazprom – World Under Control

9) Homeschooling: Genius without education is like silver in the mine

10) Influence of attending kindergarten on personality of children

11) Kazakh Language: Situation in Kazakhstan

12) Struggle Against HIV: Related Discrimination

13) ICT in Education: Is it Effective?

14) Teenage Driving: Great Risks and Ways to Reduce Them

15) Tourism Industry: How it exists

16) Wrong Image about Plastic Surgery

17) Yellow Sand and the Global Environment

 Problem/Solution essays from Masters English Listening and Speaking class

 1) Air Pollution in Almaty City

2) Corruption in Kazakhstan

3) Cosmetic Surgery

4) Dress Code at Work

5) Drug Trafficking and Drug Legislation in Kazakhstan

6) Entrepreneurship and Financial Crisis

7) Gorbachev – The Role of the Leader in Declining Period of the USSR

8. Human Traffic: People in Slavery Today

9) Integration of Foreigners into Kazakhstan Society

10) Leaders are Made not born

11) Misconceptions about Military Spending

12) Nationalizatino of private business enterprises due to Global Financial Crisis

13) Negative Effects in reducing copyright infringement

14) Pollution of the Caspian Sea

15) Stress Management: Ways of Coping with Stress

16) Trade Barriers and Economic Development

17) World Government

 Discursive essays for Listening and Notetaking I class 25% of their final grade ELN 1101 Sec. 1

1) Care of ecology saves country’s economy

2) Corruption: Cause of the problem and possible solutions

3) Everyone can be treated from alcoholism

4) Financial Pyramid Schemes: Mythical path to easy riches

5) Foreign Direct Investment in Central Asia: Obstacles to Mutual Benefit

6) Freedom of Press in Central Asian countries

7) Global economy still depends on petroleum

8. Global financial crisis

9) Internet and distance learning and its impact on education

10) Leadership and Management

11) Marketing in Kazakhstan

12) Positive effects of football on the world

13) Ruble zone and introduction of Kazakhstan’s new national currency

14) The Main cause of financial crisis

15) The silence in Kazakhstan politics

 Sec 10 Listening and Notetaking I class

 1) Chernobyl Accident: Worst Nuclear Disaster

2) Doping in Sports

3) Financial Crisis and its affects on the World Economy

4) From Dusk til Dawn: Are Hollywood’s Movies Produced to show a profit or ideology?

5) Hip Hop is around the World

6) Internet and its value

7) Kazakhstan: A New “Silk road” or is not at this level yet?

8. Plastic Surgery

9) Racism in Sports

10) Recycling is a New Wave of Modern life

11) Slow Killing: Smoking

12) The Essence of Financial Management

13) The Future of New Technology

14) The Influence of Alcohol and Tobacco on Children

15) The Last Godfathers or Mafia in our century

16) The Power of Advertising

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