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Positive Feedback (Part III)

Here’s more positive feedback from a student I had last fall in another class, she took a writing course from me again this fall.  It helps me feel better about leaving but still I will genuinely miss my dear students.

“I am actually really sad after reading your letter 😦 hopefully you will stay in Kazakhstan…the university administration do not understand what teacher they are losing :((( I hope to see you again! In Spring semester or in the USA!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the knowledge that you gave me!!!

 This is what a male economist wrote me from my masters class:

I am very surprised to know that you are about to leave our university. If that happens, it would be a great loss for the university. I feel sad when I think that no more students here will have a chance to enjoy your teaching, that is unfair. I would keep reading new appearings in your blog and I hope to see you on campus!

 A female writing student had this sadness to relate:

I was really upset when I saw that you are not in the list of tutors ( exactly in Listening 2). I want to continue studying in your classes. And I’m very gratefull to you for all that you have done for us! Anyway THANK YOU and Happy New Year!!!

 Finally from my morning listening class, I got this emphatic note:

Everybody in our class loves u very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!U r the greatest teacher in the world….We really want to take your listening II and writing class in the next semestr….Now,we do not know what to do…It is really hard to be at our university without u!!! U deserved many things in life,I know it…u know that there are many unfair things in the world and our university is not an exception((((((((We do not want to lose u,we need u very much!!! U r one of my best teachers I have ever met…It is really difficult feelings, I hope that u will teach us to the end….but this administration does not want to recognize that they are losing one of the best teacher in the world. Plz, do not forget us…and e-mail me all the time. Maybe someday we w ill meet, because I don’t wanna lose with u the connection,ok??? Anyway, know that in the deep of my heart, there is a hope… P.S. e-mail me all the time…I will be waiting for your answer!!!

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