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Positive Feedback (Part II)

Yesterday’s memo from my boss about getting re-hired in a post I had already held for two years: “…after a thorough review, it was the decision of the committee not to offer you a contract of further employment in the Language Center. I realize that this will be a disappointment.  However, I wish to thank you for your work for the Language Center and wish you well for the future.”

After my interview last Thursday, where there were eight people in the room,  it was very encouraging to get MORE positive feedback from my prolific writing students.  From one of my older female  writing students, she wrote,

“It was a great joy for us, to get to know a teacher LIKE you!!! We’ve learned so many things, because of your course or individuality. I am not first or second year student as most of your students and I can say for sure that during the whole 4 years of studying at our university I’ve heard so many times about APA style, and never knew what is it and how it should look like. Every time teachers or instructors explained (how they could) how should APA style look like, but I never learned.

Now, after taking your ARW course I know at least basic things about this style, know the web address how to get APA bibliography (for sure). I wrote “BASIC” things because I do made some mistakes and now I know my mistakes and I can not tell I know everything about APA style, may be I’m just too shy to say like that. =)  APA style is just a small part of knowledge and things I’ve learnt through this course. By this I wanted to say, that none of the teachers could not explain me one thing during four years of studying here, while you did it just in one semester, even not a whole semester,  in couple of classes. Probably none of the teachers couldn’t explain me, because they just did not care much about the students like you do.

Thus, you needed and wanted as a teacher for us- students. I hope i have only one semester to study at this university, and my fiancée has none (if he passes your course), so it seems like we should not care are you gonna continue to teach next semesters, but we’ve learned soooo much from you, from your course. It was like a holyday every class, we wanted to attend your classes. Your classes were full of fun. However we’ve gained knowledge too. To be honest with you, your ARW class was the only class where I did not wanted to sleep. In my opinion it says something. =))) So, I want you to continue teaching here, because I want as much students attend your classes as possible. Indeed, you are different teacher, you are unique.

It was so boring for me to attend those similar classes and every day routine killed my enthusiasm to study, before I’ve took your course. And I wish there were teachers like you, with your way of teaching during those four years of studying. So I did not have chance to have a teacher like you before, it is sad that I’ve met a teacher like you in the end of my studying at university. That is why I want you to stay in order to teach those first and second year students, because your classes contributes to learning.

Eventhough I have taken ARW course at fourth year of my studying it gave me a lot and I gained interesting knowledge. Thank you for being SO DIFFERENT from other faculty members, for carying about us!!! We do appreciate everything!!!

If it is interesting for you, I would like tell you something from our plans forf uture, like we did on our first class. As you know, my fiancée and I planned to get marry after he finishes from this university. Right before the New Year he and his family are going to come to my place. There is a Kazakh tradition, like proposal, but groom and his family members, and friends sometimes, should come to bride’s home and his grandmother or mother should give her earrings. In our case, his grandmother is going to give me a vintage old earrings. I guess they are wonderful!!! =) Until this time, I never payed much attention to our customs and traditions, but now, when it touched us, I got know so many of them. I didn’t even realize that there should be followed so many traditions in one occasion or event. After your class, when you showed us carpets,I started to look at them with much attention.

   I hope it was interesting for you to read my message, I tryed to cheer you up, because I think you tyred after the semester and policies at Language center. I really hope, that you’re gonna stay here and teach as many students as possible!!! Because students need a teacher like you!!!

   Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!

From another male writing student who didn’t talk much but had this to write,

it was really exciting and interesting in your class. You are very adorable and kind person. Thank you for all you have given to us. Hope to see you next year. I already missing our classes. Happy New Year.

 Another male writing student wrote: 

“that was a great pleasure for me to took this course. I learned a lot of things from you also I improved my writing skills academically and in general as well. Thanks a lot for your course. Hope to see you next semester on campus=)!!!

 From yet another male writing student who was weak in attendance and writing but begged to be passed in my class,

I know that I missed lectures and did not my best during the semestr. The basic thing is that I have improve my knowledge in academic reading and writing. Moreover your lectures was so constructive and the level of productivity was so high. This is my last semestr I have already find a job. In this case FAIL for this course like a end of the world for me!!! Please help me, give me opportunity finish the university and go forward.

From a male listening student,

I hope very much you will be teaching next year, and I will take your English Listening II class, because your course was very interesting and informative. Happy New Year too!

From a sweet, female listening student –

It is all make us upset, but us I told, thank you for all!! we really appreciate your work, because you are PASSIONED about it! of course, it is hard for us understand, what is going on. I wish you find the place, where you will be loved not only by students, but also by your all colleauges! we will miss you, but if you will find the way to stay here and go on working, just let us know!!

Happy new year! and Merry Christmas =) thank you one more time!

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