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Aigerim O’s Tribute to her Hardworking Grandparents

Every generation observes its era. It depends of level of development, politic situation and so on. My grandparents from both sides grew up in new building big country after crush because of war, to be accurate, they were born in time of war.

 Grandfather (father of my father) is one of the people with typical Soviet temper: whole life he relates with sport, has lots of medals and works every day even in age 70. For his age he looks really younger. Now he is a much respected man, Chairman of Profsoyuz in Kazakhstan. And people, who work with him, have almost the same opinion about work: labor is ennobling. His wife, my grandmother, devoted herself to family. Of course, she worked as a teacher of Kazakh, but when they could afford not working, she became a housewife.

What about parents of my mother, they had a harder life. They were both teachers, grandpa taught math, grandma literature. I do not remember well my grandfather because he died when I was five, but I know, that he was really talented in poetry, he was descendant of Great writer of Kazakhs – Abai Kunanbayev. My grandmother had a really hard childhood: her mom died in war, she had lots of brothers and sisters to look after, some of them died because of hunger. She was older than father of my father for 10 years, but on her face appeared deep wrinkles much and much earlier.

When she was 14 she made fake documents for working in the factory – it gave some money and brought her “dry ration” which was consist of part of loaf of bread, kefir and maybe fruit. Their entertainment was to meet somewhere after work and sing songs. But even now she has five children and lots of grandchildren, lives in good condition, I know that she never forget that time, moreover, its really big trauma to lose mother in early age. It’s hard even to imagine, that you do not know how does it feel to be loved by your mother, her father did not know how to explain what life is. And she was teaching herself how to bring up her children, what to do with them, how to love them.

I am proud of my grandparents. They lived a worthy life. Even in hard times I know that they did not lose their face. I would not prefer to live in Soviet Union, but I know, that it also has good side – is that it brought up people, who think that on the first place should be honour, and they are ones of them. Every generation observes its era. But it depends on what side lives each part of this generation.

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