Rustam’s Grandfather Survived Under Much Soviet Punishment

My grandfather died when I was 15 years old. His life story is very unusual, it is very hard to believe that one person can survive in such situations, with such life conditions, problems etc. I was hearing his stories since I was a little boy, but started to pay needed attention to them only after age 12. Very difficult to write about all his life in details, therefore I have reduced the size of my essay and wrote only the important things.

My grandfather was born in 1918, they were 5 children in his family, my grandfather was the youngest. He had two sisters and two brothers, about them I know only that they were very strict to my grandfather, he was made all housework. It’s necessary to mention that at this moment there were not any facilities, for instance, people had to take water from river etc. Also there were usually problems with food, as my grandfather said, they usually were happy to have a piece of bread and glass of water for dinner. These things make the character of my grandfather very strong, which helped him in the future.

In 1929 when the collectivization started, my grandfather’s family split, because his brothers were sent to the kolhozy, his mother and one sister died because of hunger, and he with his father worked on their farm. After one year his father died, and their farm were seized by party organization, for my grandfather was only one way,  to not to die of hunger he went to work on the factory. Work conditions were very bad, my grandfather lived in one room with 10 colleagues, ate only two times per day, worked for 10 hours with only one break for lunch. For 10 years my grandfather had worked on building the factories and then working in them.

But in 1941 situation changed, he went to the war where he broke his leg, lost one eye, and damaged his ears. After all these injuries he returned to Kazakhstan, where he met his future wife, who took care of him, and helped him to recover. In 1947 the Soviet party in Kazakhstan learned that he was not working on the factory as he must. For them it was no matter that he was a veteran of the War with many injuries. My grandfather started to run away from the police, but in the 1949 he was arrested and sent to the camp. In the camp were many problems for him, one of the reasons were his injuries, but in 1954 my grandfather received amnesty, and become free.

In 1956 my father was born, life was not so good, but my grandfather was a very strong man, and he made everything for my father. I’m very proud of my grandfather, and his life story is an example of strong character, which can help him to stay alive for many years, beside any problems.

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