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Almas T’s Other Grandparent story – TRIPLETS!

It was March 19, 1956 and it was warm evening remembered by Nurtai Sadykov, my grandfather. He came home after work at usual time and saw that his wife Zubaira Sadykova (my grandmother) was staying on step-ladder and liming the ceiling. Their nine-year-old daughter Gulya was keeping a bucket with lime next to her. My grandmother had already been in her ninth month of pregnancy and that day she was too active. She did all possible house work with their four children. Four of them were really tired after hard working day. My grandfather asked her to calm down and think about the child inside of her and after that they begun to prepare dinner table for having the supper.

 Later on she asked her husband to see her off to the local hospital by joking to their children that it was high time to go and bring a baby. She also made fun of them by telling that they need another helper and then they would make progress in doing house work. My grandfather took his wife and accompanied her to the maternity hospital. On his way back home he popped in to his brothers’ house to tell them happy news. As it usually happened, all of them came to my grandparents’ home to wait for the birth of the child. The delivery was at eight o’clock and all of them started celebrating that. For all of them it was happy news to know that a girl was born. That baby was my mother. After approximately two hours all of guests were informed about the birth of another girlie.

 In post-war time for every family it was great news to have two new born children at once. They started to try to name them and it was a hot discussion. It was difficult to choose because the huge amount of names was suggested. During that hot debate the relatives and other guests were informed about third child’s birth. Of course all of them said that it was joke and it was decided to call to the maternity hospital to be sure. The nurse answered that it was true and they should rejoice and my grandfather said that he was really afraid for his love.

In the next morning all newspapers wrote about it and some of them my mother still keeps. Of course it was a sensation which intrigued all people. It was uncommon and still it is – to have triple birth. After that birth my granny got monthly donation and there was a woman, appointed by the government as a helper for bringing up the children until they were 7 years old. There were four children born after my mother; my aunt and my uncle birth. Also five-year-old German girl was adopted by my grandparents and in total they had thirteen children.

Now my both grandparents died and when I think about their life I realize how difficult it was because they saw starvation in the Thirties, the Second World War and collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. I suppose mostly because of their strong personalities they could look after the family and help the children to graduate universities and get married. That is a big deal.

I think it was a great time, even in spite of the fact that life was much harder. People cared more about their families and really appreciated it. Now, you would barely meet a family with thirteen children, even three of four is a rarity. Unfortunately we are too concerned about our work and too busy making money. I am happy that my mother had such a wonderful chance to live in a big family and have twelve brothers and sisters. I would like to experience the same, but we are only three in my family.

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