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Almas T’s Grandparent’s “Soap Opera” Reunion

My grandfather told me a lot of amazing stories about his life and I liked listening to him. All of them were out of the ordinary and really long, sometimes they took us whole evening. I would like to tell the marvelous one how my grandfather met my granny for the second time in Zharyk train station in 1947.

My granny decided to visit a military recruitment office in Almaty after seven years waiting for her husband. She believed that he returned from the War. She came to the station and bought a ticket. She saw there a lot of people who arrived from the War and asked them about her husband by showing his photo. It was spring sunny day and nobody knew about him.

Even though she became disappointed she hoped for the best, suddenly she saw how a man who looked like her husband went downstairs from the train that came a moment ago. She quickly ran to him and she said it was like in soap operas.  They were crying together for hours at that station. I saw that place but after fifty five years when my grandmother and I were there. Later on she found out that he was taken as a prisoner from 1945 till 1947 on Leningrad blockade. Nobody knows what he did during his captivity and it was his personal secret. Moreover, he had nightmares about dead people for the rest of his life. It was terrible time for him and for his entire family.

In spite of the time he spent on the War I suppose his life was full of happiness mainly because he had twelve children. He lived in Karaganda region and he died at the age of ninety six.

I remember he was a bossy, clever, well-educated and incredibly successful person who I admire most. I think his life was difficult and wonderful at the same time.

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