Little Known about Aigul B’s Grandparents

As long as I can remember, my grandparents didn’t share stories with me about their lives. I know about them only from my parents. I know that my grandparents had the very different childhood than I had because they were born in a difficult time which was full of different events that became a part of the history.

 First of all, I would like to tell about my grandparents of my father’s side. My grandfather Salim was born in 1918 at the Western part of Kazakhstan in the region called Urdinskiy in the village named Shungai. My grandmother was born in 1925 in the south of Kazakhstan in the region called Ordabasshinskiy in the village named Chubarovka. When my grandfather was 18 years old he took a part in the War between USSR and Finland. My grandfather participated at World War 2 as well. He was injured and disabled as veteran.

After the War was over he worked as a teacher in the school where he met my grandmother.  They liked each other and married in 1948. In our present days my grandfather is 91 years old and he has got 7 children, 9 grandsons, 12 granddaughters and 7 great sons. Actually, I think that story of my grandfather’s life is more interesting and exciting but as he never shared with me about his life this all I can write at this moment.

It is obvious that the lifestyle back in my grandparents’ time was very different from now as it lacked the many comforts that are easily accessible to people now. It focused on farming mostly and providing family with food and etc. Though people in their time greatly valued education, educating their children was perceived as one of the high priorities. They understood that if you are educated everything can be achieved. Therefore, they sent their children from the village to the city so they could study and be educated.

Now, my grandfather is old and I respect his age, life experience and wisdom. I can tell that I am proud of my grandfather. 

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