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Photos from Busy Holiday Celebrations

Thanksgiving was celebrated in full American fashion with dressing, turkey, mashed potatoes, salads, pumpkin and pecan pie, the WORKS!!!  Thanks to my long time friends from Minnesota, Kim and Erik, I was hosted with 30 other people. 

Almost like home where we sang and laughed and carried on, almost like I was back with my own family in Minnesota.  Thanks Kim and Erik and thanks for getting the bird, what a sacrifice he made! Now I have my Christmas tree up with all the decorations and have pulled out my Christmas cards from last year.  I’m ready to enjoy a less busy pace of life once all classes and meetings are done and grades turned in.  Tomorrow I’ll show the photos from the Culture Festival at our university where many of my undergraduate students participated.  Busy times, but fun ones as the Kazakhs celebrate Kurbanait or KURBAN AYT (Eid al-Adha) holiday today and tomorrow.

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