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T/F Laziness is a problem (Part II)

The other half of my 30 respondents to the above T/F question had admitted True to the statement: “Laziness is a problem for me.”  My listening students continued to write about what grade they think they deserve at the end of this semester long, academic course:

One hardworking female student wrote:  “I believe I deserve a good grade, because I try to come to each class, I was always listening.  I love foreign teachers, I was pleased to be in this class.  Of course everyone wants an excellent pass grade, but as I figured out, you are very fair person and will do all the work honestly.  I know I could do better, all problems were from illness, lack of time and maybe some laziness.” 

A male student claimed: “I tried to be realistic during my whole life and I do not like to lie to myself.  When I feel that I’m not deserving a mark, I will work to correct such thing.  I’m absolutely sure, that I’m not a perfect student, which deserves “A+” I also know that working out of deadlines is not a typical to “A” student.  But I think the effort I’m trying to put in my studies and researches is at level of “B” which I think, in future, will give me a boost to further academic success.”

Another self-admitting lazy male student with the ability to get an “B” grade wrote this:  “To be honest, I should deserve fail or D- because I missed many classes because of my illness.  Despite this illness, I tried to study my missed classes but I’m not tried enough.  But I hope that if will do my best at final presentation and final exam, I could get D.”

One male student who got a D- at midterm but probably doesn’t even know it because he missed the day I was doing one-on-one conferencing wrote the following: “I believe that my grade will be B.  Because I have some mistakes in this course, but after I could understand that it’s important and need to me!  If my grade will be B, it’s for me would good news and help to me studing better and better!”  Another delusional student like the one I mentioned yesterday but at least this one admits he is lazy.  He also came to my office begging for mercy which I have little patience for.  I only do office hours for those who are seeking help on their assignments, not from lazy students who can’t take responsibility for their own laziness.

Another female student who admits to being lazy wrote this:  “To be honest, I know that I can’t have A+ [that’s an understatement!!!] because I missed classes and sometimes I was too lazy in my self-working to have A.  I should be at all classes and do all my work.  I understand all responsibility for my absence and understand that my fall studying wasn’t good.  But I hope that I could have B or B- or C…because this lessons wasn’t just a credit for me.  And at the moment when I was in the classes, I was working as hard as I could. But I regret that I miss a lot of classes and therefore had low quality of my grade.”

This next response was a surprise, he strikes me as the type who seems to listen but still doesn’t get it.  He admits to being lazy but still thinks he should get an A because of perfect attendance:  “I believe that I can get A, A- or at least B+ because I never missed classes.  I do maybe not all, but almost all homework.  I know it depends on my final paper and ppt presentation.  Also I don’t want to fall my GPA. Now I have 3.5 and I’m going to improve.”  He is one of those goof-off guys who will be in for a big surprise when he gets his final grade at the end of this term.

Finally, this female student knows how to articulate her thoughts and I despair that she didn’t perform better in this class.  I believe she was surrounded by a bunch of students which did nothing to motivate her to excel. Something needs to be done about the collective force when they have a negative influence on the above average or good students who could do better given the right circumstances.  She wrote:  “I think at the end of listening classes I deserve about 70% of my grade.  I didn’t do my best, unfortunately.  I was able to get higher grades, because I got passion about learning English.  But my laziness spoils everything.  I am able to impress teacher because I’m not stupid and I want to learn more.  But I didn’t have enough skills to express my feelings and thoughts.  That makes me sick and I can’t stand it.  I’m sure if I got opportunity to express myself in Russian, I would get the highest mark.  But I’m just learning and I am sure mistakes I did in this class gave me a lot of experience.”

Sadly, I will have to fail about half of this particular class because of their non-compliance to the rules of my class and their not doing their homework or showing up for class.  Maybe that will teach them to take their education more seriously and not to tease the good students who are trying to work the best they know how to do.  Often I see these lazy students playing cards or sitting around and talking when they should be at the library studying and preparing for their other classes.  Laziness is a sad affliction amongst student and teacher alike in Kazakhstan.





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