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T/F – Laziness is a problem for me.

T/F Laziness is a problem for me.

Thirty students took a quiz yesterday in my two listening classes answering the above True/False question.  Fifty per cent claimed they are NOT lazy, the other fifty admit that laziness is a problem for them.  I’m trying to get to the bottom of why some of my students refused to follow instructions about how to write a properly written academic paper in APA format.  I think many of them were not honest in their appraisals of themselves.  Those good students who I know are NOT lazy thought they are and those that haven’t done their assignments assessed themselves as not having a problem with laziness.

The other question that was more revealing at the end of this questionnaire was: “Explain what grade you deserve and why?”  The following are some of the responses from those who do not think they have a laziness problem:

“I think that whatever I have or haven’t done, my instructor should decide what grade I deserve.  P.S. if to be fair, I worked hard during the semester and have been trying to do my best in everything because I don’t only just finish this course and this is all.  No, I need finishing this course in order to be good at the other courses I am going to take.  So, after doing a good job, I want A+, if you think that I’ve done a good job too.”  It’s true, this student has worked hard but I have a difficult time giving A+ grades, I think most Americans do since we max at A grades.

“I really don’t know what grade I’ve deserved. I hope to have good grade but I did not done many works and missed many lectures.” I would call such a student as delusional. He did none of the assignments until the last paper and has missed 19 classes out of 36. Delusional!!! Unless he thinks that an “F” is a good grade.

“About my final grade, I don’t know exactly what I get.  But I believe that my works will good. I hope!!! When I saw my midterm grade I was in : (  I’m trying do everything, in details. I want to have good grade…and I know that my situation is not good…I want to have B or B+ It’s my grade.”

This is the student who copied off the Internet about her grandmother’s story from an American grandmother’s experience which I blogged about what seems many months ago.  She since rewrote her grandmother’s story portraying the real Kazakh one.

The following student is no doubt getting an “A” grade and I do believe she is not lazy, this is what she wrote: “I hope to have an A or A- grade because I think in this listening class I have done everything my teacher said.  All my self-study assignments, notes and other papers were done on time.  I didn’t miss classes and I was always prepared for all classes.  My final paper was enough good and I’ve learned a lot from this class.  I know a lot about APA style and how to make presentations that will help me…”

This student claimed that she did have a laziness problem before but not now: “As every student, I would like to have A+ but I think that it is no more than A.  To me, I did a good job, because I really improved my skills in speaking and listening, of course with big help from you.  Why I think I can get A?  Because I was one of the first presenters in my group.  In comparison, what I could do in the beginning and what I have now, it is big step.”

One very astute student wrote the following: “It is very difficult to estimate yourself because actually everybody thinks that they deserve good grades for themselves.  I think that I can truly and fairly deserve A- or A, because I think I did my job proper, right and at time.  Yes, I had some problems with rough draft, but we are learning, so I understand my mistakes that were showed by you and I take them to account and change my paper to better side.  Hopefully, now I have good paper and presentation to be shown to my groupmates and guest speakers. So, I hope that my grade will be A or unless A- but not less, because I believe that I deserve it!”

Finally, this student is a very hard working student, not a lazy bone in her body! “When I came to this university, my first goal was to study hard and get a deserved grade.  Everyone wants the best grade.  Why not?!  Even they’re dreaming.  That’s why, I want to follow every rule, assignments to get excellent grade.  Then, I want my parents happy and proud of me.  It’ll prove that I’m not just wasting my time, because I don’t like sitting without anything.  So, I expected to get A+ grade from every subject which I was taking, I tried all this fall semester and I studied really hard to not make my teachers disappointed in me.  For me, it’s really important to get a maximum grade which is not so easy thing to do.

Honestly, I love my subject and teachers.  It’s a motivation for me too.  Because I don’t want to make my lovely family and teachers disappointed in me, I know one of my best feature in my character. They’re hardworking and responsible.  I know that if I want I can do.  Just there should be extra studies to improve yourself.  It’s very important.  Laziness is the worst thing in human beings, but it depends on person how they wish or want.  I wanted a maximum grades, so I was trying and studying really hard not to miss the deadlines of the teachers.  My hopes are in the deep of my heart.”

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