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Sunrise over Kok Tobe

PB020093This photo was taken from my flat on the east side balcony of a slow burning, pinkish sunrise. This was before the big snow that we had that is still hanging on even a week later.  Feeling low yesterday after having my two classes of students over on Saturdayafternooon and evening. Have to make up my classes ahead of time due to Kurbanait holiday next Friday, November 27th. 

Had three American visitors come to my first class today. They listened to three powerpoint presentations by my Kazakh students, who I’m proud to say, did a good job.  The ppts continue to get better and better.  Of course there were the usual snafus with some of the ppts not showing up because they are pptx, another version.  As usual, we were kicked out of our classroom right at 11:45 a.m. when we were initially scheduled to be there up to 11:50 with our academic class by a foundations level class. No allowances for getting our class to pick up their papers and put their coats on, we continued outside in the hallway.  The registrar better not do this kind of scheduling trick next semester where teachers are back to back supposedly having one class end at 11:50 and another start at 11:50.  Obviously whoever set this schedule up are NOT teachers!!!

Anyway, I was glad for the visitors’ comments and questions, there will be more coming to see these students’ presentations in the next week. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the long, long semester is almost done!

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