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Most Photographed Class in My Teaching Career

PB120139This photo, I think, might be the last of my evening English Listening and Speaking class because  we listened to our last lecture given by Julia Connelly who talked about Kazakhstan’s nomadic carpets.  I never anticipated so many class photos would become such a tradition for me in all my teaching career with this one class, such as with these masters students.  For each of our lecturers this past semester, I must have had at least 10 of them, I took photos at the end of each lecture and I sent them the group photo with my dear students. 

Next week it will be my graduate students turn to do their own speaking on a subject close to their hearts.  Some have chosen topics such as: human trafficking, pollution of Caspian Sea, integration of foreigners in Kazakh society, copyright infringement, stress management, leadership and many other great presentations are lined up for the next three weeks. That will bring us to the end of this long but very good semester.

See the photos of Julia’s lovely carpets that she brought to display to the masters students.  They were very informative about what they know about their own culture and I think it was a fair exchange that Julia had shared some things she has learned along the way.PB120137PB120133PB120132

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