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More Photos of Am. Football in Central Asia (part II)

PA250027Our Internet at work is running really slow and yesterday I had put up five photos for my reading audience but only two survived and were saved in a draft form.  Unfortunately, I had to start all over again. Such is life in Kazakhstan. 

Hopefully I will do better this morning before my first class starts at 11:30 a.m.  It is now 10:30, I hope to accomplish this minor undertaking that becomes major here with slow Internet.  I’m showing photos of the 3-4 American coaches.  Two years ago when these same football players from our university were playing against Bishkek, they prevailed upon my husband to be their coach.  They had none.  However, he was too busy teaching economics but consented to be the ref for the big game instead. 

An analogy perhaps with slow Interent is same as how these football players must feel where  noone understands their love for the game which is completely foreign to most people in Central Asia, or the rest of the world for that matter.  That is why these athletes only play another team from Russia and their other opponents from Kyrgyzstan whom they played against on Sunday.  Our team in blue has another game in Bishkek in a month and that will be the extent of football season. American football may catch on yet as I hope faster Internet might!!!PA250016PA250024

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