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On Being Student-Centered (part II)

The following is what I worked on over our mid-semester break.  This is what I had to figure out for 40 students in my listening and notetaking class.  I am both student centered for my own purposes but have to be teacher-centered for the purposes of the team and getting along with my colleagues.

The breakdown of percentages constitutes 60% of the students’ grade.  They have  40% left to improve their grade for their final grade.

TOEFL practice Quizzes 10% Self Study10/20 %






TOEFL Midterm



The following is what I had to fill out for another 40 different students in the reading and writing class:


In class Writing 10% Self Study10/20 %



Home Reading




I had given them three vocabulary quizzes of about 20 points each which needed to be squeezed into the 5% box and they had to do two self-study assignments (fancy name for homework) along with a working bibliography.  The midterm was a 50 minute discursive essay where they had to read three articles ahead of time to be prepared to write in the Computer Lab.  All very elaborate, right?


Finally, the following was what I computed for my masters students in the English Speaking and Listening II class.  I had 22 to compute in order to arrive at a midterm grade which is due tomorrow.

Participation 10% Self-study 10%

Quizzes 10%

Midterm 20%

I would have done this midterm grading anyway, because it is what I’m used to doing for my American students. I think it is only fair to give them a progress report instead of having them ending up the semester surprised.  However, I don’t know that I have ever done so much math to arrive at the results for just the midterm grades.  I have about 10 students who are failing out of the 100 I have.  I have more that should probably get A+ but I don’t believe in that grade, yet you can get 90-100% and that constitutes an A+


Anyway, all that to say that I’ve been busy but I think my students all appreciate the fact that I have looked at each piece of paper they have written in class or handed in as hard copy or sent to me electronically. 

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