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Amalgul’s Mother would hide out in poppy fields

My grandmother is representative of that generation which keeps best qualities of  humanity – love for one’s neighbor, diligence, honor and dignity.  The most important thing I have learned from my grandmother: 

       “In whatever we undertake, we always have to take that first step”- People tend to put off things that seem troublesome and uninteresting. In our daily work as well, we are inclined to postpone work that is complex or unpleasant, even though that jus makes the situation harder to handle. It is best not to sit and ponder too deeply; nothing will be accomplished if you do not just get moving.  

My grandmothers’ name is Dzhumash, and I am proud of her.  Earlier, when I and my sisters were children we used to visit our grandmother regularly. We usually spent all our summer holidays in Tamga. But every year less frequently. It is a shame to me to admit and recognize that I did not see her for about 10 years.

      My grandmother is my mothers mum. She is Kyrgyz, she lives in Tamga Auyl    (settlement), Kyrgyzstan – along southern coast of Issyk-Kyl. As you can guess I am a Métis – half Kazakh and half Kyrgyz.

      Why I have decided to tell you about her?

      Because I consider her as a unique and kind-hearted person. 

     I remember the story she had told us:

     It was during the post-war period of World War II, when people ad to survive in any ways, do all that could get  any money for a piece of bread. She rose early in the morning and between 4-6 o clock in the morning before rising sun went to the poppy  fields to collect opium. Each gram of opium could be sold in grey market for good amount of money. She had been forced to take with herself few youngest children. Remained from her 10 children should go for work or go to school. My mother was about 5 years old  and she was among those whom my grandmother took to the field.

     The funniest thing of this story is that my mum quite often tried to hide from her mother and slept among beds of that poppy field.

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