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Aina’s Grandfather is her HERO!

Aina’s Grandfather is her HERO I want to write about a great person who had a big influence on me, it is my grandfather. Now he is alive and he is very energetic, enthusiastic up to day like when he was young. Nowadays we talk about different famous people, heroes and so on, but for me my grandfather is a hero.

Grandfather was born in 1934 in Semipalatinsk province. His name is Malgazhdar and he has three children: two beautiful daughters and one son who is my father. Now all of his children live separately from my grandparent, but every weekend we assemble together and spend a good time with them.

From my father’s stories about grandfather I knew that when my grandfather was a child he had a difficult time. In 1941 when he went to the first class there was a war and because of this he could not finish school and went to work in the collective farm. When the war was finished he could go to the school again and finish it. Then grandfather served in Army in Germany after that when he returned home he was sent to work in the Ministry. After my grandfather built a good career. He was a purposeful person and this quality helped him to be promoted in the career ladder because he always achieved his aims which were planned.

Grandfather, of course, has many qualities such as motivating people to do good things and to make right decisions, easy communicating with people and helping them. But he was not only a good hard worker; he also was a great father for his children. In the role of father he is perfect. His children were raised in love, trust, respect which was given by parents. So, we can understand that grandfathers are important in our lives.

For me my grandfather is ideal and he is a good example for people, for his children and for me. I hope that all people can respect their grandfathers and love them for being with us.

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