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Gaukhar’s Grandma “just can’t sit and do nothing”

I’m going to tell about my grandmother. She is my mother’s mother and I love her very much. Her name is Altynai. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love my other grandparents, I just spent with her more time. I was living with her for two years when I was a little girl. I was four years old. My mom was looking for a job in the city at that time, so my grandmother was looking after me. That’s why she became  closer to me. I always visit her on my summer vacations. She lives in a small village near Semipalatinsk. It doesn’t take much time to get there, about ten or twelve hours by bus. So I can go there by myself whenever I want and I know that she will always be glad to see me.

My grandmother is a very kind and cheerful. She always looks at the sunny sights of the life. She has a great sense of humor and can make me laugh even if I have a terrible mood. She is always doing something, always busy because in the village there are so many things to do. She gets up early in the morning, at five o’clock. I think that it is very difficult to wake up at such early hours but my grandma says that it’s became very easy for her. So she wake up and her everyday routine work begins. She have to feed the cows and sheep, to cook for my grandfather and do other million things that do every person that lives in a countryside. I always worried about her business and told her that she needed more rest. But grandma says that she just can’t sit in one place and do nothing.

And of course like any grandmother in the world she cooks wonderful. I love her cakes, pies and especially her manty. Actually I keep fit but when I’m at my grandmother’s it’s impossible to keep diet. She learned me how to cook pancakes and I was so proud of it because by that time I couldn’t cook at all.  I came to Almaty and said to my mother: “O. K. Now I’m gonna cook you pancakes every morning when you are leaving for a job and I’ m sure that you will like my pancakes”. But after some time my mom just couldn’t look at the pancakes because she ate them maybe during the month every day in the morning. And one day she asked me not to “take care of her every morning”.

Also I love my grandmother because she is my friend at the same time. I can tell her all my fears and dreams. She always support me and help me. She never blame me for my mistakes and just tries to explain me that it not right. In any case I feel that she loves me. I think it’s a great luck to have such a wonderful grandmother and I will always be grateful to her for the love and care that she gave me.

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