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Kudret’s Interpretation of Kazakh Proverbs

My Kazakh students, even during mid-semester break, can get extra points from me by interpreting these seldom used Kazakh proverbs.  The following are the proverbs in Kazakh and Kudret’s interpretation of them, he had to guess on some because he had never heard of them.  Maybe other Kazakh speakers who read this blog can help my American friend out who is doing a paper on this very topic with these particular proverbs.

Proverb Used
Пэлен жерде  алтын бар, өз жеріңдей қайда бар. ( I used it when I was in the USA for four month) “There are golden things outside of your country, but not as good as in your own country”. This proverb means: No matter how bad or poor your born peace of land, everything in your land is closer to your feelings than things from other peace of land or country.
Ер – елінде, гүл – жерінде. “A man – in his birthplace, a flower – on the land”. This means: Everything is stable, everything is alright and peaceful in the country.
Өз елінің иті де қадірлі. “Even a dog is grateful in your country”. This means: No mater who and what is in your country, he or she and it, is always thankful.
Пәлен жерде алтын бар, Іздеп барсаң, мыс та жоқ. (Never used it) “There are golden things somewhere, but if you go and find, it will never be even copper”. This means: Wherever we go, It always seems like there are better than we are here.
Туған жердің қадірін Шетте жүрсең білерсің. (Use it when I go abroad) “You will understand how grateful your birthplace is, while you are abroad”. This means: While you are abroad, No mater how good you feel yourself comfortable and satisfied, you will be missing your birthplace anyway
Үйде оңбаған, Түзде де оңбайды. “A bad person at home, is the bad person outside”. This means: A human that was ill bred at family (poorly brought up) is the worst person.
Елінен безген ер болмас, Көлінен безген қаз болмас. “Who run away from his birthplace, never be a man, The duck runs away from it’s lake, never be natural duck”. This means: The man that left his birthplace, never be natural man, which means he betrayed his birthplace or country.
Кісі елінде сұлтан болғанша, Өз еліңде ұлтан бол.  

(Өзге елде сұлтан болғанша, Өз еліңде ұлтан бол.)

(I never use it) “Be a simple man in your birthplace (country) rather than a King in other country”. This means: In order to be patriot of your birthplace it is better to be a simple man in birthplace than to be a rich man in a foreign  country.
Ит тойған жеріне, Ер туған жеріне. “A dog goes to place where there food is, a man goes to a place where there birth land is”. This means: anything that goes wherever, will go there, where it belongs to. 
Алыс жол  атты сынайды, Ауыр жол ерді сынайды. “The far way checks horse’s endurance, The difficult way checks man’s endurance”.
Ер жолдасы – тәуекел. “A friend of man is the risky friend” This probably means: Male’s friendship is very strong and natural, they may risk for anything in order to help to his friend.
Құсты қанат  ұшырар, ерді талап ұшырар. (Used it once time when I was at school during my presentation) “The wings of bird makes it flyer, The desire of a man makes him high”. This means: A man’s motivation is his wishes, the wishes will bring him success.
Арманы жоқ  жігіттің пәрмені жоқ. (never used it) “A man with out dreams

(ambition), is not a sensible man”. This means: A man without wishes will never succeed.

Жүк ауырын нар көтереді, Қазан ауырын ер көтереді. “A blank-bed (pallet) lifts the heavy weight, A man lifts kazan’s weight”.
Ер жігіт  үйде туып, түзде өледі. “The man born at home, but dies (passes away) away from home”.
Туған жер  – алтын бесік. (Use it very seldom when I go outside of city to see the nature or mountains) “The birthplace is the – golden birthplace”. This means: The birthplace is the closest to your feelings towards happiest moments of childhood.
Үлкен пышақ  ұялғанынан өтеді. (Never used it) “The huge knife cuts anyway, because it has feelings of shame”. This probably means: Even old things or tools are always brings benefits.  

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