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Madi looks like his tall and strong grandfather

     I had four grandparents, two from my father and two from my mother. But I’ve never seen those from my mother. She told me she lost them when she was just a child. As everyone, I love my mother. But it’s not only because she is MY mother. She’s just a good person. She always helps people, tries not to hurt them. That’s why I want so bad to see her parents, to meet people who have brought up such a good woman. I guess they were real Kazakhs. People who knew what they lived for, people who always took care of their children, whatever it took, regardless of life conditions they were in.

     My father’s mom died when I was about 7-8 years old. I clearly remember that day. The thing is that I didn’t feel any sorrow. Though we’d lived some time together with my grandma, I never came any closer to her. Of course, I was too young, etc, but… we really could become friends with her. Father loved her so much. And he even looks like her.

     What about my dad’s father, I’ve never seen him. Everyone tells my brother and I look like him, we grew up as tall as he was. In the country they lived, he was the only person who could read and write so everyone respected him. He was very severe man. Just imagine that: tall and strong (just with one kick of his people were thrown away for several meters), tenacious look and life energy which never let him stand around. If I met with him I’d surely become kind of different person, I guess. He would make me more serious, that’s for sure. But my brother was lucky to meet with him: when he was born, grandfather kissed him and after that died. Some sort of blessing.

     So what I wanted to say is that I’d be really different man if I knew my grandparents. Nevertheless, I know – they are always with me. Within me, around me, watching me, no matter how far away they are – they are in my heart, they are there while I’m alive. And if my soul is immortal, they are in the eternity.

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