Kudret’s 70 year old Grandfather feels like he is 45

I decided to write about my grandfather Niazbek because he is the only one of my grandparents whom I saw in real fact, he is the father of my mother. When I was born, my grandparents sadly were not alive already, except my mother’s father. I have never seen any of my grandparents except him. My grandfather’s wife who is my grandmother passed away before I was born. Now, my grandfather lives with his new wife Aida who is 60 years old and with his 13 year old son Amanbol. What is interesting is that my mother’s little brother is younger than her by 21 years, because she is 44 years old now. I visit my grandfather several times every summer during the holidays.

My grandfather was born on 8th of march in 1939 in one of the villages in Kyrgyzstan, now he still live in his country where he works as a chief manager at his own field in agricultural business. He work very hard, especially during the summer when it is season of cultivation of agricultural products. He is the owner of 10 hectare field with full of strawberries including tomatoes, potatoes, onions etc. Many people buy a lot of boxes of strawberries from my grandfather, therefore, 80% of his field are the strawberries. This job helps him and to his family to live with out difficulties during the winter, in fact, there is no opportunity to work on cold seasons on field, all the money he earns on summer, he spends on winter while he does not work.

He is 70 years old now and he says: “I feel like I am 45 years old”. The important thing he told me is that “old man should never feel himself like old man who can not work hard any more, even you are up to 60 years old, never say I am old”. My grandfather is one of the happiest man, me and my family love him very much.

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