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Photography Lecture: Photo Contest is ON!

ElisaIn the process of trying to find someone to lecture my 40 Listening and Notetaking students, I was able to secure  at least 4-5 photo judges for the upcoming Photo Contest, due date October 23.  Thankfully Elisa consented to talk to my students on tips of how to take good, prizewinner photos.  She has had a passion for photography since she was 10 years old.  We looked at photos that my Ukrainian students had entered in a contest several years ago.  Elisa gave critiques on how they could have appeared better with cropping or moving up to the subject.  She explained the Rule of Thirds on the blackboard.  She also showed a variety of her own still life, macro, people, landscape and animal shots. 

I also had my listening students vote on which top three photos they liked out of 33 landscape.  The winners had been chosen by the judge in Ukraine, also Elisa agreed with one of them.  Finally, the third one was that of mountains in Switzerland.  That photo had not placed in Ukraine but because Kazakhstan is ringed with mountains to the south, especially here in Almaty, that was the other popular choice among my 40 students.  Here they are, they were bubbling with questions for Elisa and I think enthused about the Photo Contest.  ELN studentsELN ss II

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